Video Marketing

Video Marketing – the unfair advantage

Imagine the power of a Video Testimonial from one of your best customers playing on your website. Better yet, what if that same video was sitting on the front page of Google when a prospect was looking for your product or service?

The search engines and the social media websites are in a mad scramble to win more viewers. What have they found to be their most successful tool? Video. When Google bought YouTube, they knew they were on to something, but they may have known what. Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Do you know who their closest competitor is? YouTube.

The value of a video goes well beyond the borders of your website. Now videos are put in multiple locations throughout the web and every one points back to your website, to your blog or to your facebook page. Done right, it’s as if your company is the safe harbor and there are hundreds of beacons out on the ocean pointing back to it, guiding your prospects in to port.

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